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- New Driveways - Access Ways - Resurface Existing - Blacktop
- Stone - Oil & Stone


Every property needs an access whether it’s a driveway, access road or parking area we will build or imptove it for you. Country Contractors will install new or improve and replace existing travel or parking areas. We will install needed drainage and take the time to properly compact all areas at various stages of the project as needed. We will also ensure proper grading is achieved in all areas.  This work integrates directly with our full complement of other services to ensure your property is functioning at its best and stands the test of time.


While some of our competitors lure less informed people in with a low bid for all types of work, their offers often times do not include the proper amounts or quality of materials for the job. The less informed consumer soon finds out what looks like a good product at a great price to start with, will shortly become an eyesore, unusable and in need of costly repairs. Worse yet, the specifications or materials that were contracted or promised may not have been accomplished or supplied.


Country Contractors will build all areas to required and/or contracted specifications using the most cost effective materials meeting the requirements of the particular application.


We, also, offer gravel driveway grading, repair and resurfacing, as well as, pavement repair and resurfacing. Once again, you will find that Country Contractors is the best choice when it comes to working on your travel and parking areas.