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Our environment is extremely important to each and every one of us, providing all we need to survive and prosper. All of us together with our children drink the water and breathe the same air in this world. We take our role and responsibility in protecting the environment as well as being good stewards very seriously. While we act in accordance with applicable laws, we often take extra steps to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.

Country Contractors has been called upon more than once to restore sensitive wetland areas that others had carelessly altered and disturbed. Due to our knowledge and work practices, we are the go to company when it comes to precision work activities and sensitive work areas. We are also the best choice when it comes to minimal disturbance to finished landscape areas or other sensitive areas.  By offering full restoration options including professional landscaping services we will restore all disturbed areas when the project is complete so, you do not see our “foot prints” when we are done.  This also streamlines and expedites the project with one contractor on site.

Our trucks and equipment are kept in excellent mechanical condition through aggressive maintenance programs thus minimizing leaks as well as oil and fuel consumption. Some of our road trucks contain the latest technology in emission reduction technology. Our commitment to the environment is clear in our work practices, as well as, our equipment maintenance programs.

Often times we will use recycled products in our projects when practical and allowable. This creates a win-win.  First by reducing the need for additional natural recourses second it helps to reduce the amount of construction waste produced and last but not least these materials often save money for our clients. We also offer on site processing, when practical, further reducing fuel consumption and traffic congestion while also reducing costs of disposal as well as reduced amounts of imported materials to the jobsite.

We continuously seek materials and supplies as well as manufactures that follow our same principles on the environment. We have one Planet, we must pass it to the next generation in just as good if not better shape than we found it in.