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Excavation or Site Work is one of the first few actual construction steps after the planning and permitting process is completed for any major project. Your choice of contractors is more critical than you may be aware of. The majority of site work done is not necessarily visible in the completed site. Often it is difficult to determine the standard of work that is offered by some of our competitors. However, this Site Work is critical for function, usefulness and longevity of the property. Unfortunately, problems over time quickly arise from substandard work practices or substandard materials, the results can be quite frustrating, not to mention, costly.


Some problems that may occur from substandard work or substandard materials are: wet basements, failed septic systems, failed drainage systems, wet spots, puddles, settling or sink holes, and cracked blacktop areas just to name a few. Repairing these and other problems most often involves substantial cost and disturbance to finish properties.


Site work is one of the many sections of the project’s budget that should not be pushed aside, overlooked or fall into “cheap is better” or “it’s all the same”. This kind of rational could be the start of potential prolonged and costly troubles. What seem to be small problems at first may snowball into much larger issues later in the project or even years after the work is completed. All of us at Country Contractors will be sure our work is done correctly from the start. By knowing and understanding the potential issues, we take the steps to avoid potential problems.


Country Contractors, Inc. takes pride in every project no matter the size. We are proud of our work and it shows in all that we do. We use only approved materials of the highest quality on all of our projects. We employ accepted construction practices to assure your project is done right the first time, when warranted we will often take added steps and time to ensure all work meets the toughest standards.