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- Design - Build - New Lawns - Plantings
- Pruning - Mulching - Weekly Lawn Maintenance    


Landscaping is an extension of and a complement to many other services we offer. This is just one more area that sets Country Contractors apart from its competitors. After we complete a major project we can then put the finishing touches on it as well. We work closely with our landscape designer (or yours), who is in tune with your wants and needs. Our designer will bring your property to life with the colors and textures of nature creating your perfect outdoor environment. Once your site is complete we also offer weekly maintenance for your property to keep it looking its best.


There are many advantages to using Country Contractors for your landscaping needs. When we are the single site contractor, we have firsthand knowledge regarding drainage, underground structures, and utilities on your property preventing damage or conflicts with in-place systems and lines. Also, we understand how plantings or landscaping may affect the water flow on your property, we ensure proper placement of plants and trees to avoid future water issues.


We will maintain the same high quality standards and attention to detail for your finish landscape as we did on the structural work of your property. This will often provide savings to our client, since we already have the equipment on site and are able to move material quickly and safely. Further, we will install finish landscaping at the proper time during the project helping drastically reducing conflicts with other trades on-site and while nearly eliminating the need to rework or disturb finished parts of the property.