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A Septic System is an onsite sewage treatment system. Typically septic systems consist of a pipe running from the building served to a septic tank, possibly followed by a pump station and finally some sort of leaching area. Simply explained, the septic tank removes solid items from the sewage stream (once solids are removed it is called grey water), the grey water then flows or is pumped and distributed below grade by the leaching area. The grey water is then leached (absorbed) back into the ground. As the water leaches and travels through the ground, it is slowly cleaned by nature.


Many residential homes in our area and some businesses use septic systems. For years the common thought was septic systems were a temporary solution until sewers came. This is not case anymore. Septic systems are here to stay. With this knowledge, the preservation of the septic area is extremely important during and after the construction development phases of the project. Materials and installation practices for septic systems are critical to their performance, longevity as well as maintaining ground water quality. From the start of a project, if the septic area is not properly protected it could lead to a very expensive re-design, or worse, an installed system in an area that was compromised may possibly cause a premature septic system failure, potentially costing thousands of dollars to repair.


Country Contractors can design your septic system or if required/preferred have the system engineered by a professional engineer. We can, also, diagnose current septic problems and offer solutions for repair. Septic System inspections for real estate sales or your own property are also offered as a service for your convenience.


B-100A testing is required prior to some construction projects. This test is to identify an area on the property where a new septic system (primarily the leaching area) may be located in the event your current septic system was to fail. This ensures your new construction project would still allow room for a new septic system should the need arise. This does not necessarily require you to install the newly designed system for the purpose of proceeding with your project it only proves you have an alternate area to use if and when the need arises.


Country Contractors can take you through each step of the process from testing, planning, to implementing a plan, right to the finish landscaping. We will have your property looking like it did prior to the start of work. With one contractor on the site, schedules are maintained and the entire project runs smoother. Often, with our equipment we can move more material quicker with fewer disturbances than some “Septic Guys”. We will also give you an expert finish landscape product. When Country Contractors finishes septic work there is no need to clean up the area after construction is complete or call a landscaper to fix the lawn. We will do it all start to finish with results you will be happy with. Once again, Country Contractors offers a complete package of services. We are the preeminent choice for all septic system projects.