Country Contractors, Inc. offers needed services at a fair price. All too often when projects go to bid, the most important factor is price. This no doubt needs to be a consideration in your final decision, however, it should not be the only one. The attractive bottom line is often full of limits, exclusions and/or items have just been left out of the bid. When the project is underway things quickly get added into the “extra” column or the project gets completed but it may not have the quality or quantity of materials specified on the plans. In some cases, the materials were not installed to specifications.

All of these lead to an unpleasant experience with the contractor both in time delays and added unexpected costs. The final cost of the project will often match or exceed the higher bids dismissed in the bidding process. In the later example, the shortcomings may not be seen or experienced for some time to come. This, too, results in frustration and cost. Often the cost to fix the problems years down the road is exponentially more costly than having quality from the start, not to mention the disruption to the finish property, as well as, the restoration cost to finish landscaping.

Country Contractors, Inc. is fully insured for all services performed. All of our employees are fully covered, as well as, all equipment on the job site.