Over twenty-five years ago, with limited funds, very little equipment and lots of ambition, we set out by taking for work that others were too busy to consider.  Taking on projects other companies would not for a variety of reasons, Country Contractors soon became known as a “no non-sense” contractor.  Due to our dependability, quality workmanship and attention to detail, Country Contractors. was increasingly sought out even by other contractors for completion of a variety of projects, of varying size and scope.

As they say, the rest is history.  Today, we continue to take on challenging projects, of all sizes.  Country Contractors offers a greater range of services performed in-house than most of our competition.   This helps us maintain schedules and ensures cohesiveness in work production as well as a better finished product.

Looking forward, we plan to continue providing needed services far into the future.  As technology changes and new products/techniques are discovered, we plan to remain on the leading edge of those ingenuities.  Quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction are all front-runners in our business philosophy and applies noticeably to our business planning, as well as our day-to-day operations. Reach out to us for your unique needs, we can help!