Septic Systems

Country Contractors, Inc. is the Premier Septic System Installer Throughout Connecticut.

Without a public sewer system in place, a septic system is an essential part of any structure with potable running water. That water needs to go somewhere and the septic system is the answer. Once thought to be only a temporary solution, now septic systems are here to stay and are an important piece to maintaining clean water. New products and technologies continue to enter the market making the work more detailed and critical to install properly.

As you can see from the illustrations above, simply explained, wastewater (sewage) leaves the structure through a pipe and enters a septic tank. The wastewater then spends time in the tank which allows solids and other non-liquid items to separate from it. Only the liquid contents of the tank leaves (as a grey water or effluent) entering another pipe headed towards the leaching field. The effluent then is absorbed by the ground, being cleaned by nature as it moves through the soil.

Regular septic tank cleaning and inspection is also vital to a properly operating, long lasting and worry free septic system.  

Country Contractors provides high quality, professional residential and commercial septic system services. Our trained and experienced technicians are here to provide you with the services you need